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As you should expect from any professional bookkeeping firm, we take care that your books meet all the compliance requirements for the IRS.  As one of the select few firms to be Profit First Certified, we use the Profit First system of cash-flow management. Together, we systematically find and keep more profit in your business.

Listen, owning your own business doesn’t have to mean the expenses consume all of the revenue, leaving hardly any cash to support you and your family. If you’re ready to PAY YOURSELF FIRST and build PROFIT in your business, we need to have a Profit First pow-wow today.

Profits for Life – Personal and Business Financial Coaching & Resources

A Deep-Dive Money-Flow Process designed specifically for entrepreneurs and micro business owners who want to unlock resistance to money, release stress and guilt around their finances, and generate more abundance in their life.  Click for more information.

Expert Bookkeeping Services

Success begins with Profit First bookkeeping, the crucial first step for your business. Whether you’re operating off spreadsheets, have a bookkeeping nightmare to salvage, or you just don’t want to touch your books again, my team and I always got your back. Baby, it’s not just about taxes anymore! Click for more information.

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