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Bookkeeping21 is devoted to helping business owners understand what is going on in their business so they make the best decisions on how to grow and run their company. Our mission is making our clients businesses more profitable.

We have a proven process for deep diving into the brokerage, its mission, its clients, its agents, and the owners’ relationship with money.  The first thing we do is discover where the business is feeling the most pain, where it is leaking profits, what is broken (or non-existent) in the systems, what bottlenecks sabotage growth, and where time is squandered, and energy wasted.

Also, we want to know how the company wants to grow – the profit points and its goals for growth. We don’t want to build on something if it’s not going to be profitable and work for the business.

Your customized Profitability Blueprint turns goals into actions and provides the business with a step by step plan to take it from where it is now to where it wants to be.  After implementing your Blueprint along with the automated processes of an updated or new accounting system, you’ll find much of the pain is eliminated entirely.

We evaluate each step of the way – keeping the business goals on target; keeping the systems running at optimum level, reviewing the plan for any necessary tweaks or pivots, and we continuously assess for profit.

Profitability Is Built Into All Our Consulting and Bookkeeping Services

As you should expect from any professional bookkeeping firm, we not only take care that your books meet all the compliance requirements for the IRS, we make sure all of your finances are recorded and reconciled which helps spot fraud, errors and inefficiencies. Plus, All our service packages include a subscription to QuickBooks Online, HubDoc (a receipt capture software) and a Client Online Document-Storage Portal.

The Max Profits package

This is our most popular option because, along with all the Profit First Advisory Services (The Max), you get bi-weekly accountability calls to kick-start profits and monthly planning sessions to keep you on track with your goals. Unlimited email, text and phone support with a 24-hour response time.

The Executive Profits package

This is the best option for busy business owners who want to make good business decisions based on accurate information with expert help. We include custom reports for managing your business day-to-day and we provide your year-end account reports for your accountant or tax professional. Includes a Profitability Blueprint, access to Profit University, and Profit First System management.

The Apprentice Profits package

This option is best for those business owners who are simply looking to get the basic entries done to ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Service. Includes a Profitability Snapshot, access to Profit University, and Profit First System overview.

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